ZANC 2018 Election – Results

Voting closed as of 6PM PST on 12/16/2018.

Turnout: 340 (79.3%) of 429 electors voted in this ballot.

President 2019-2020 term

Option Votes
Bomi Patel 223 (65.8%)
Adil Engineer 116 (34.2%)


Total 340
Abstain 1 (0.3%)

Member-at-large 2019-2020 term

Option Votes
Kersi Daruwalla 197 (59.3%)
Khurshid Gandhi 135 (40.7%)


Total 340
Abstain 8 (2.4%)

Secretary 2019-2020 term
Kerman Deboo (Only nominee – hence no vote was necessary)

Election officer’s comments:

  • While we congratulate the above winners, we do not have any “losers”.
    Whether they won or lost the election, putting their name in the hat and volunteering their time is to be greatly appreciated.
  • Kersi Daruwalla being a current Trustee, will resign from the Trustees.
    Per ZANC by-laws same person cannot be on the Executive Committee and be a Trustee.
    Per ZANC by-laws, the two remaining Trustees will select a replacement to serve out the balance of his 2018-2021 term.
    Want to volunteer for this vacancy? Please contact the two remaining Trustees (see ZANC.ORG website)