ZANC Newsletter October 2023

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Donations for Dar-E-Mehr Maintenance/Repairs

While we search for suitable properties for our new community center, we continue to use the existing Dar-E-Mehr and have to contribute towards its maintenance and repair. Maintenance costs have risen significantly, in part, from the increasing age of the existing Dar-E-Mehr.

Further, in addition to recurring maintenance costs, we are also faced with major one-time repair costs. For example, within the past year $42,000 was incurred by PZO to reinforce the wall behind the Dar-E-Mehr and the roof for several structures in the complex for which ZANC has contributed $10,600.  The Dar-E-Mehr also needs to be treated for termites which will result in additional expenses.

Please donate towards Dar-E-Mehr maintenance/repair:

  • via our donations page:  ZANC Donations Page, or
  • Check made out to ZANC (with memo — Dar-E-Mehr maintenance/repair) to: Gev Khan, Treasurer, 2984 Jayhawkers Place Unit 5, San Jose, CA 95136.