Am I eligible to vote in the ZANC 2017 election

Click here for list of eligible voters

Name not in list?: If your name is missing, please contact ZANC’s secretary Ehler Spliedt at

Family Membership:

  • If you have adult children (over 18) or parents living in a your household, their votes will count only if you have contacted the secretary, Ehler Spliedt, and requested adding their names.
  • Children over 18, who are temporarily away at college are considered as still living in their parent’s household.
  • Above applies to Family members only. Individual members cannot have any other voters even if they reside in same household

Deadline for any Addition: Any change requests need to be done sufficiently in advance of election day for ZANC secretary to add to list and communicate same to the election officer.
No addition requests will be entertained on the day of the election.