Absentee Voting

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please follow these exact instructions so your vote is counted

Was my ballot Received? Or has anyone else sent a ballot using my name?


  • There is no electronic voting process.  In other words you cannot send in your vote by EMAIL.
  • Please vote only using this Ballot Form
  • Two ballots cannot be in sent in the same outer envelope (even though a husband and wife may think it is convenient to do so).


  • Each voter is required to send their ballot in a separate outer envelope (with only their name on the outside envelope).
    And Inside it should be one (and only one) unmarked envelope.
    And inside that unmarked envelope should be one (and only one) ballot.
    And the ballot should only have at most one checkmark for VP and Treasurer, and at most two check marks for Member-at-Large.
  • Please mail the ballots to the election officer such that they reach before December 17th, 2017
  • If any couple has mailed both their ballots in the same outside envelope, these are invalid.
  • If you are one of these couples, it is still not too late to make amends.
    You can reprint the ballot and vote again, following the exact instructions.
    Or come to the election meeting and retrieve your mailed in ballot and get a new ballot.

Download the Ballot Form                                      Download the instructions

Send the ballots to:

Jehangir H. Jasavala

ZANC 2017 Election Officer

2009 Canyon Lake Dr

Modesto CA 95355-1888

Original instructions need to be read carefully and followed exactly, if you want your vote to count. If you still have questions please email Jehangir Jasavala at ZANC2017EO@gmail.com

  • If you who have already sent in an absentee ballot, and would like to change your vote in light of Parizad Bharucha’s withdrawal or for any other reason, you can send another ballot following the same process.
  • The last received ballot (including the vote of an absentee who decides to come and vote on day of the election meeting) will be the one counted and any previous mailed in ballot(s) will be discarded